Company name : Futureship Co. LTD

Location : 1-3-1-608 Azamino-Minami, Aoba-ku, Yokohama, Japan

Establishment : May 1, 2017

Representative Director : Koichi Kamon

Description of Business :

Consulting services specializing in innovating product development

  • New product development, business value improvement, and new business creation in the manufacturing industry
  • Foster innovation in the field of product development and develop engineers who can innovate
  • Development Process Innovation Using Lean Product Development Methodology
  • Improving customer value and business development through job theory practice
  • Strengthening organizational capabilities through a strategic approach using TOC

Features :

Strengths are

  • Global (Japan, U.S., China, Europe)/experience in many development sites of multiple products
  • Have your own procedures for development organization reform and development process reform

We provide unique know-how to create hit products and new businesses, derived from more than 30 years of experience in the field of product development for major domestic manufacturers and global companies such as overseas EMS.

We have experience in a variety of industries, including home appliances, automobiles, medicine, precision instruments, communications equipment, and metal processing, and have the know-how to capture the essence of technology regardless of the product area.

Because we have a deep understanding of the differences in organizational capabilities among various countries and companies, we are able to analyze your company’s situation objectively and correctly.

With a background of having learned and practiced a wide range of methods such as Lean Product Development, Theory of Constraints (TOC), Job Theory, Design Thinking, etc., we do not simply deploy methods, but grasp the essence of each method, build a development process and organizational structure tailored to each company, and assist in everything from strategy planning to implementation of development organization reforms in order to continue to generate high profits while changing the corporate culture.

Organizational reform will never be successful if it is simply a horizontal development (adopting the shape of the organization) of the best practices of other companies. Organizational reform means changing to a system in which people and the organization continuously learn and grow.

We have worked with many manufacturing companies to create a culture in which knowledge assets are passed on spontaneously, while implementing organizational reforms that strengthen the relationship of trust between the company and its employees.