Consultation and services specializing

in product development innovation


We have experience in many manufacturing companies with different products.
We understand the differences in organizational structures and processes among companies.
We are able to objectively and accurately analyze the situation of our clients.

Futureship’s goal is
to create organizations and human resources that continue to learn and grow on their own,
and to link development organization and process innovation to improved profitability.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Futureship Inc.
Koichi Kamon


Learn development methods as theory (lean development)

Introduce marketing mechanisms into product development (job theory)

Formulate strategies from the fundamental issues of the organization (TOC)



Futureship Strength


Overwhelming strength

We are familiar with many sites.
With many years of experience in both Japan and the U.S., we are able to accurately respond to the different symptoms and unique challenges of each company, and take full responsibility for helping our clients achieve their goals.









Services that aim to optimize the entire enterprise

We will promote throughput-oriented reforms.
We’ll be thorough in our thinking about “So What?”. By continuing to search for answers until the final goal is “Therefore, profitability improves,” we promote reforms that are not only partially optimal for the development organization, but are also optimal for the entire company (with an emphasis on throughput).

We provide services for individuals to develop the ability of engineers to think, and consulting services for companies to develop strategies from the top management perspective.



Consulting for Enterprises

  • Development Process Reform Support Service
  • New Business Startup Support Service
  • Strategy Planning Support Service
  • Engineer Training Service
  • HR Policy (Human Resource Development) Support Service

Services for Individuals

  • Skill development courses for engineers
  • Career Design Method Seminar







Seminars to be acquired through practical training

It is characterized by easy-to-understand explanations and a lot of practical training.
Futureship’s greatest hope is that participants will be able to immediately put into practice what they have learned in a limited amount of time.
This is a practical seminar that enables participants to immediately put into practice what they have learned through exercises using past field cases and practical training based on customer situations.







Video Seminar

E-learning materials and free video seminars provided by Futureship are available to the public.
We will continue to update this page with information on lean product development methods, skill development for engineers, etc.



Useful articles for product development innovation

Articles on Lean Product Development


This course provides an overview of lean product development, its components, and how to implement lean product development.

Articled on Marketing Theory


Articles explaining marketing theory, jobs to be done, how to increase customer value, and how to grasp latent needs.

TOC (Theory of Constraints) Articles


This session will provide an overview of TOC (Theory of Constraints) and how to proceed with reforms using TOC.

Articles on Human Resource Development


This article is about how to revitalize product development organizations and train engineers.

Management, Strategy, and Reform in General


This session will explain how to proceed with the reform of the product development organization, the strategic approach, and how to reform from a management perspective.


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