Corporate Consulting

This is a consulting service that specializes in reforming product development organizations.

We support manufacturing companies to increase their profits with our two strengths!

  • Global (Japan, the U.S., China, and Europe) and in-depth knowledge of multiple product development sites
  • Professionals who are familiar with the procedures for organizational and process reforms

※ Please consult with us about your company’s problems.


Approach to service delivery

There are various approaches that we support to increase the profitability of manufacturing companies through the reform of their product development organizations.

  • Developing strategies to improve organizational capabilities
  • Development process reform to turn learning from best practices into practice
  • New business development that incorporates marketing thinking
  • Reforms based on reform strategies and technology strategies
  • Human resource development to improve the thinking ability of engineers
  • Strengthening of project leaders

Futureship’s service is to work together with you to analyze your real problems and find the right solution for each entrepreneurial situation and circumstance, and then work together as one team to finish the job.

Our support activities are based on on-site consulting once or twice a month, or remote communication through video conferencing, etc., with follow-up by e-mail, telephone, etc.


Development Process Reform Support Service

  • The Toyota Method of Lean Product Development
  • Capitalization of knowledge by A3 report
  • Prevention of rework by set-based design
  • Chief Engineer Training

New Business Start-up Support Service

  • R&D Marketing
  • Creating new value through co-creation with customers
  • Existing technology + incorporating wisdom from outside
  • Generate ideas through analogical thinking

Strategic Planning Support Services

  • Three key elements of strategic planning for development organizations
  • Support for planning technology strategy
  • Structural analysis of organizational issues
  • Planning simple strategies that lead to action

Engineer Training Services

  • Fostering the ability to think and work independently
  • Improving technical communication skills
  • Training of management candidates
  • Human resource development to create an organization that continues to learn

HR Policy (Human Resource Development) Support Services

  • Career Development HR System for Motivating Employees
  • Career design method to set killer contents
  • Person-centered career planning using the PDCA cycle
  • Operation and implementation support


Services for Individuals

Futureship conducts training and support activities for individual engineers with the aim of expanding the opportunities for engineers to play an active role.


Skill development courses for technicians

  • Practice of Toyota-style lean product development
  • Strengthening marketing thinking skills
  • Strengthening logical thinking skills
  • Strengthen strategic planning skills